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Subscribe to HRF Updates

The best way to stay updated at what's going on at HRF is to subscribe to our updates by texting HRF to 757-447-0330. 

You can also subscribe to the following groups:

  • GUESTS - updates for guests of HRF.
  • MEMBERS - updates for members of HRF.
  • MEN - updates for men of HRF.
  • WOMEN - updates for women of HRF.
  • KIDS - updates from Fellowship Kids.
  • UPDATE - subscribe to the HRF Weekly Update.

Here are some additional keywords you can use with HRF Updates:

  • CONNECT - fill out connection card.
  • PRAY - submit a prayer request.
  • GIVE - make a donation online.
  • APP - download the HRF mobile app.
  • GRACE - share an evidence of grace with us.
  • CARD - download our contact card to your phone.
  • GROUPS - sign up for a Fellowship Group.
  • INFO - find out more information about HRF.
  • JOIN - fill out a membership application.
  • RESOURCES - view some recommended discipleship resources.
  • BOOKSTORE - make a purchase from our bookstore.
  • STOP - to stop receiving updates.

You can also send us a message directly by texting us using the same number (757-447-0330), and we will respond soon.