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HRF Weekly Update - May 21, 2017

This Sunday, May 21, 2017, we will be continuing the series called "What We Value & Why It Matters". Pastor Tony will be preaching from Matthew 16:13-19.

We encourage you to prepare for corporate worship by reading and praying through the text prior to the message on Sunday. Here is a list of the songs we will be singing this Sunday as well.


Here are a few discipleship resources our elders recommend checking out this week.

  1. Embrace the Life You Have - The life I have is not the life I expected. But God's design for it is beautiful.
  2. The Christian and Hospitality - Christian hospitality may not look like the perfect pictures in the magazines, but we can invite people into the beautiful mess of loving deeply because of the one of who first loved us.
  3. God's Word Bears Fruit in God's Time - Though God might not always work in an immediate, drastic, and unexpected way, the word of God does not return void, but bears fruit according to God’s sovereign plan.

Please read them and use them as discipleship opportunities to discuss with one another. You can also view an archive of recommended discipleship resources here.