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Fellowship Groups

A Fellowship Group is a formal group who commit to meet together regularly for the purpose of living and cultivating gospel community with one another (Acts 2:42-47).

We believe that being a part of a church consists of more than weekly attendance at corporate worship. The week is as important as the weekend. The church consists of a covenant body that lives life together by caring for one another, bears one another’s burdens, and seeks to help each grow in conformity to Christ.

This means, like the early church, we must spend more than a couple hours a week together if we are going to know each other well enough to carry out these responsibilities. One of the ways we foster this kind of interaction is through smaller groups that meet weekly to carry out biblical community. It is also our desire that intentional mission take place through our Fellowship Groups.

Fellowship groups help to model what normal Christian community looks like (Acts 2:42–47). It should be normal for Christians to gather together to encourage one another, edify one another, and pray for one another. You can view the current Fellowship Groups available here.